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Navajo vintage rug, 47" x 36" in excellent condition. No corner tassels; lazy lines, tight weave.



Large Navajo Chief’s blanket, Third Phase, suitable for wall or floor.

5’x5’, Mint condition



30”x46” wool Navajo, excellent condition



30”x52” vintage churro wool Navajo, crystal pattern, one mend but overall good condition.  Tassles missing. Very soft and striking, bright design. Nice wall hanging.



32”x51” Early 1920’s banded pictorial with eagles and unusual colors.


Pictorial by Lori Tsosie

20" x 17"


Navajo Gallop Throw, 39” x 19”, ca. 1980, excellent condition



Contemporary Navajo Sampler,  16 ½” x 20 ½”, by weaver Anna Thonea,  very tight weave, colors navy, black, red and white.


Vintage Yei-bi-Chei Fox Dancers, Mounted on frame by Lillie Smilie (Calif)

35 x 42


Early 1900’s Crystal w/ Blue, Mint Condition

42 x 56


Vintage Gallop Throw, Mint Condition

18 x 36


Vintage Gray Mountain Arizona Trading Company Rug by Ellen King, Mint Condition

Merino Wool

37 x 32


Banded Runner, Excellent condition

26 x 59


New Pendleton Blanket, “Arrow” Design

64 x 80


Early 1900’s Chinle, Excellent condition except for missing selvedge on one side.

30 x 40


Double saddle blanket, Excellent condition.

29 x 61



Transitional Banded Wearing Blanket, very soft wool, Excellent condition

47 ½ x 76


Vintage Banded Variegated Twill, Rare and in Excellent condition

32 x 60


Circa 1900 Germantown sampler, very good condition

20 3/8 x 20 3/4


Vintage Navajo rug, extremely fine, tight weave and softest of wool. Feels almost like a tapestry. Few small missing sections of selvage- otherwise excellent condition. Colors include unusual light turquoise, goldenrod, taupe, medium tan, gray, dark red and cremes.

Size approximately 33" x 23"